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Using free and Read-to-Use plugins and resources by Brainsap Development gives you the opportunity to extend your website with additional functionality in just a few minutes.

All of our plugins are developed using cutting-edge and future-shaping technologies and are also fully supported by our company. By using our plugins you are guaranteed a completely trouble free usage. We would never publish a resource or a plugin which does not meet our strict technical requirements.

If you like our plugins and resources also feel free to make a donation at any one of the plugin pages to support further plugin development.

You can find a short summary of our free web development and website design resources and plugins below.

  • Google News Unique Permalink ID

    Wordpress Plugin: Google News Unique Permalink ID

    This free Wordpress Plugin automatically formats your Permalinks with a 5 digit unique ID ready to use with google News.

    The Plugin is very lightweight and installed in just a few seconds. It will not affect your existing posts as those should already be indexed in Google News.

    Read the full Description and Download the Google News Unique Permalink ID Wordpress Plugin.

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