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Take advantage of our extensive experience in website design. Customers of Brainsap Development will not only receive an aesthetically attractive product, but also a perfectly elaborated technical project. All of our works are created according to the most recent guidelines regarding trouble-free implementation and usability. We also follow all common security standards as well as W3C guidelines.

Unfortunately, only a small minority of website design companies follow all of these guidelines. This means that disabled individuals effectively suffer discrimination, something we NEVER tolerate at Brainsap Development. It also can adversely affect the relevancy of your site with the major search engines.

Search engines will always give more power to a well structured website with an optimized and clean source code than to a poorly constructed website which is not following the guidelines mentioned above.

Don't be betrayed by the aesthetics of a website. The really meaningful work in website design is invisible to the visitor, as it is done on a level which is hidden to the users. We will advise you on your website's design characteristics and will explain your options with Brainsap Development as a partner in your website design effort.

In addition, all of our website design services carry our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't feel that the design we deliver completely meets the agreed upon concept, you don't have to pay until we have fixed all the issues.

When elaborating your individual website, whether it's a static design or a product of our other website design services, we use cutting-edge, user-friendly technology, such as XHTML + RDFa, Web 2.0 systems with jQuery and Ajax as well as PHP and MySQL.

Following, you can find more information about our website design services.

Individual Website Design Solutions

Individual Website Design Solutions

For all of our customers who require a bit extra in terms of design and functionality of their website, we offer our first-class service for custom websites.

There are almost no limits on your wishes regarding your website design, and you can rest assured that your projects will be carried out with maximum care and professionalism.

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Static Websites

Static Websites

Static websites are basically very simple websites which are used mostly by small companies or private individuals. Their contents are not editable without having at least some rudimentary HTML experience.

Static websites have a simple but professional design and are offered by Brainsap Development for a fixed price of € 399* apiece.

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CMS (Content Management System) Websites

CMS (Content Management System) Websites

Do you want to manage the contents of your internet presence without any previous experience? Then our CMS (Content Management System) solutions are perfect approach for you.

Administration of your website will be simple and straightforward with our CMS solution which has been specially tailored to your needs. You and your employees will be able to edit and publish content with ease on this platform.

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Form Service

Form Service

Well optimised web forms will enable your visitors to provide their required information faster and easier, making the process so user-friendly that the users find it to be a pleasant experience. That means they are more likely to become repeat visitors.

When optimising your web forms we follow the usability and accessibility guidelines for barrier-free form design to enable disabled visitors to deal with your forms and provide the required information much easier.

Read more about our Form Service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

You don't like it? You don't buy it!

For most of our services, we guarantee you that you don't need to buy anything you don't like. Read more.

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