Startup into the Internet - Static Websites with Fixed Pricing

Static Websites

Especially for small businesses or private individuals, we offer a special complete static website package.

Static websites are designed to be a simple web presence which provides information about you or your company in the most cost-effective way. Your content is not easily changeable without some HTML knowledge, however. If you wish to be able to administer your content without any knowledge of HTML, we would recommend you choose from our CMS Solutions. Alternatively, we can administer your static website on your behalf. Note that a limited number of free changes are included in your static website package.

The designing of static websites is relatively simple and can present a professional, customized appearance for you or your small business. If desired, we can also match the design of your static website with your corporate design or corporate identity without additional cost.

Affordable Professional Websites

A professional website offering your customers information about your business is extremely useful for your company, if not essential. Many potential customers inform themselves over the internet when searching for products and services and may become customers of your competition, if your company has an unprofessional website or no website at all.

Static websites from Brainsap Development are your simple and cost-effective start on the Internet at an unbeatable fixed-price of only € 399,00*. In terms of aesthetics and content, your customers will notice very little difference from one of our custom website design solutions.

Necessary Functionality is Already Included

All static websites include a simple contact form and a search form. For an additional charge, other functions, such as a blog or gallery, can also be added.

Other website design companies will typically not offer any free extra functionality for your static website. However, if your customers have no way of searching your site or contacting you easily, your website is not really doing what you need it to do. We believe these two functions are so important that we always include them in the basic static website design.

Summary - Your Static Website Includes:

  • Individual web design - No template design!
  • 10 individual pages (more with extra pricing)
  • 3 free changes on any of the content
  • Contact form and search form
  • Further functions like blog or gallery for additional cost

Fixed Price
No hidden costs
€ 399,00*

For each additional page (10 inc.): € 19,00*
For blog and/or gallery: each € 39,00*
Other additions on request
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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